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Procurement and Contract Management Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

Procurement and Contract Management Faculty

Procurement and Contract Management

PC 401 - (3)
Procurement and Contracting

Provides an introduction to the procurement and contracting processes. A basic course which treats fundamental principles and techniques in detail. Emphasis is upon government procurement, but the student is also provided with an understanding of procurement methods and subcontracting in the private sector. Uses the FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations) as a text.

PC 402 - (3)
Contract Administration

Prerequisite: PC 401 or permission of program director
Covers the technical and fundamental procedures basic to contract administration. Both theory and practice are examined with an emphasis on enforcement of contract terms and conditions, cost overruns, change orders, disputes and appeals, financial analysis, contract authority and interpretation, production surveillance, quality assurance, and audit.

PC 403 - (3)
Cost and Price Analysis

Prerequisite: PC 401, proficiency in business math, basic accounting, or algebra.
Covers the basic concepts in the analysis of contract price by cost-price analysis techniques, learning curve, weighted guidelines, profit objectives, and analysis of the ADP systems environment.

PC 404 - (3)
Principles of Law for Contract Formation

Prerequisite: PC 401
Provides an introduction to government contract law, contract clauses and provisions, legal aspects associated with contracting, and the administration of contracts.

PC 405 - (3)
Negotiation of Contracts and Modifications

Prerequisite: PC 403
Covers the techniques of negotiation. Organization and operation of the procurement team, preparation and conduct of negotiations of contracts, and contract modifications by the team concept are covered. Mock negotiations are conducted by the class using case studies.

PC 407 - (3)
Seminar in Procurement and Contracts Management

Prerequisite: Completion of all required courses.
A capstone course designed for advanced students in acquisition management that is designed to meld the content of individual procurement courses into a fuller understanding of policies, practices, and procedures. Includes current research and advances, and offers opportunities to develop skill in critical evaluation of theories and their application in solving problems.

PC 413 - (3)
Purchasing and Materials Management

Presents a broad view of the principles of industrial purchasing and management of inventories including determinations of requirements, pricing, source selection, inventory policy, and professional ethics.

PC 406 - (3)
Management Principles for Procurement and Contracting

A review of management theory. The four modern schools of management theory -- management process, quantitative, behavioral, and unified -- are studied in detail, and recent developments in management practices are reviewed.

PC 408 - (3)
Principles of Law for Contract Performance

Prerequisite: PC 404
Emphasis on post-award issues including contract interpretation, equitable adjustments, terminations, and claims under the Contracts Disputes Act.

PC 409 - (3)
Contracting for Information Resources

(Formerly "Contracting for ADP Hardware and Software.")
Illustrates how to structure and negotiate hardware and software contracts and clearly underlines the responsibilities of both the buyer and seller. Key contracting problems emphasized are: reliability standards, acceptance testing, performance and measurement, quality control, maintenance, progress reports, and payments.

PC 410 - (3)
Procurement of Major Systems

Prerequisite: PC 402
Covers procurement planning, development, and contracting for major systems. Students study a major weapons system and construction project from concept formulation through contract definition, development, and manufacture or construction.

PC 411 - (3)
Cost Analysis for Decision-Making

Prerequisite: PC 403
An application of current methodologies used in the development of cost analysis studies. Emphasis is on selection of techniques to be employed, analysis and refinement of data, development of cost models, the use of the models as predictors of life cycle cost elements, operating and support costing, economic analysis, design-to-cost, and life cycle costing.

PC 412 - (3)
International Purchasing and Business Transactions

Prerequisite: PC 402
Emphasis is on the basic regulations and principles of international procurement, organizational structure, financing, cooperative programs, supply-support arrangements, co-production, agreements, consortiums, research and development agreements, distribution systems, and analysis of current problems and trends.

PC 415 - (3)
Grants: Federal, State, and Local

Provides the student with a foundation upon which an understanding of the administration of grants may be built. The course is primarily concerned with grants by the federal government; the means by which it provides financial assistance, direct or indirect, to state and local units of government and to the private (nonprofit) community; and the purposes for which such assistance are covered, including topics of such current interest as revenue sharing, concerns over federal interests in non-federal functions, impact upon intergovernmental relations, and others.

PC 416 - (3)
Application for and Management of Federal Grants

Provides the student with further understanding and familiarization of the mechanics of applying for federal grants, the application of the review process, and the administrative problems facing recipients of grants. It covers the specific application procedures of selected federal agencies and several grant programs. A broad and comprehensive review is made of the pre-application process, requirements for state plans, coordinating requirements among "planning units" of governments, and environmental impact statements.

PC 417 - (3)
International Business Negotiations

Prerequisite: PC 402
Covers the differences between international and domestic business negotiation: language, customs, religion, and political and legal systems, and other cultural consideration. Includes the various strategies and tactics used in negotiations and extensive role-playing, utilizing these techniques to develop recognition and countering skills.

PC 419 - (3)
Government Contract Computer Law

Prerequisite: PC 402
Covers the law that applies to the government's use of computers, software, and computer related services. Included are intellectual property rights; government contract computer law issues; how the government purchases ADP; patent rights in technical data and computer software; FOIA; relevant waste, fraud, and abuse rules; and exporting data.

PC 420 - (3)
Advanced Major ADP Systems Acquisition

Prerequisites: PC 402, 409
Covers such topics as the basics of systems acquisition; general policy; the major systems process; DSARC information requirements; integrated DSARC and PPBS process; fundamental management principles; concerns with the acquisition process; controlled decentralization and participatory management principles; acquisition/life cycle management; and software systems acquisition process.

PC 422 - (3)
Federal Government Contracting: A Contractor's Perspective

Covers such topics as marketing and sales, preRFP work, RFP analysis, technical proposal preparation, management and cost proposal preparation, government site visits, audits, negotiations, contract start-up, performance, and contract shut-down.

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