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Student Services

Consumer Information (1939 Ivy Road, 924-3417)
The Consumer Information Officer (C.I.O.) of the University is available to assist students or prospective students in obtaining information about financial aid programs available to students who enroll, the rights and responsibilities of students receiving financial aid under one of the many programs, the cost of attending the University, the refund policy currently in effect, the academic program of the University, student retention data, and student program completion data (if available). The C.I.O. may be contacted by writing to Stephen D. Campbell, Deputy Director, Institutional Studies, 1939 Ivy Road, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 22903.

Consumer Information Service (CIS) (Madison House, 170 Rugby Road) This service operates an Action Line telephone (293-4949) Monday through Friday, from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., as a community-wide service investigating and resolving 85 percent of the consumer/merchant disputes brought to its attention. CIS volunteers also publish a bi-yearly newsletter, The Troubleshooter.

Office of International Student and Scholar Programs (Minor Hall, Second Floor, 982-3010) The University considers the admission of students from other countries as a part of its educational program. This office and the International Center are provided to serve the international community of over 1500 members. International students and research personnel are required to register at this office upon arriving in Charlottesville as a part of their immigration procedures. Information on immigration policies and advice on immigration problems are one of its principal functions.

Equally important are the office's services as liaison between the international student, the University, and the Charlottesville-Albemarle community. It aids the student in his or her personal adjustment to American life and seeks solutions to housing, financial, and other problems which may arise during his or her stay at the University.

The International Center, 21 University Circle (924-7983), offers social and cultural activities and an informal setting where students may spend leisure time.

Student Identification Card (Office of the University Registrar, Carruthers Hall, 924-4508)   Each student registered at the University (except through the Division of Continuing Education) is entitled to receive a student identification card. The privileges associated with this card vary depending on the number of credits in which the student is enrolled. Full-time students get all benefits, including circulation privileges at the libraries, use of Student Health facilities, access to recreational facilities, charge privileges at the University Bookstore, admission to football games and eligibility to purchase student guest tickets, passage on University transit, access to Student Legal Services, and a supply of ARTS$. Upon payment of the appropriate fees, the card can also be used as a meal pass and Cavalier Advantage card.

Part-time or research-only students do not get access to athletic events or Student Legal Services. Students enrolled for the non-resident status or through the Division of Continuing Education do not receive any identification card privileges.

The Office of the University Registrar provides one identification card at no charge, usually during the fall orientation period. Lost, damaged, or stolen cards can be replaced at the Registrar's Office in Carruthers Hall, weekdays between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. for a fee of $10. Payment must be made in cash or by check before the card can be produced. Cards replaced because of a malfunction or a change of name or identification number are provided at no charge.

Students in the School of Medicine and the School of Nursing who need access to medical facilities also are provided a Health Sciences identification card. The procedures for replacing a Health Sciences card are the same as for a student card.

University Child Care Center (Children's World Learning Center, Copeley Road 293-6110) Child care services for faculty, staff, and students are available at the child care center. Information on rates and the eligibility priority system may be obtained from the center's director.

University of Virginia Bookstore (Fourth Floor, Central Grounds Parking Garage, 924-3721)   Owned and operated by the University, the University of Virginia Bookstore is the primary source of textbooks for all classes (with the exception of the Law, Medical, and Darden Schools). Its general books department (The Book Shop) provides an extensive selection of popular and scholarly books geared specifically to students, faculty, and staff, and a special order and out-of-print search service. It discounts hardbound New York Times bestsellers 20 percent and offers additional discounts through its frequent readers club.

The Bookstore carries an extensive selection of school and office supplies, greeting cards, University of Virginia gifts, clothing, diploma frames, and class rings. It also offers its customers a UPS packaging and mailing service; a bus service to Hampton Roads, Richmond, and Northern Virginia; an engraving service; film processing; faxing; and photocopying.

The Bookstore accepts the following forms of payment: cash; personal and travellers checks; major credit cards; Student Charge; and Cavalier Advantage. Hours of operation are available online at: http://www.bookstore.virginia.edu.

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