2: Tuition, Fees, Housing, and Dining

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Estimated Personal Expenses

A student's total University expenses depend on the school, housing charges, and personal tastes. Estimates for some of these expenses are outlined in Chapter 3.

It is suggested that students prepare and keep within a budget in order to develop ability to utilize their resources effectively while living within their means. While the amount of money spent in meeting personal expenses at the University will depend largely upon the resources and tastes of the student, it is believed that the estimates given in Chapter 3 will be a helpful guide in the preparation of a budget. Instruction in the handling of checks and checking accounts is recommended prior to enrollment.

The estimates given in Chapter 3 do not include expenses for clothing, travel, memberships in organizations, or recreation and entertainment. A reasonable allowance should be made for these items.

The University requires that all students carry year-round hospitalization insurance. This cost should be included in a student's estimate of expenses.

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