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Accommodations for Single Students

Copeley III and IV   These apartments are air conditioned and are located on the North Grounds of the University adjacent to the Law and Business schools. Each apartment accommodates four students (two per bedroom). They are furnished with a sofa, chairs, dining table and chairs, refrigerator, and stove. Each bedroom contains two each of the following: single bed, wardrobe (with built-in chest), desk, and desk chair. Laundry facilities are located within the complex. All graduate students are eligible to live in Copeley III and IV. Law and business students who choose to live on grounds are assigned primarily to Copeley. Television cable, data connection, and telephones are available in each room.

Gooch and Dillard Houses (Stadium Road)   These houses are located near the football stadium on the corner of Alderman and Stadium Road. One section is used to house graduate students and is comprised almost entirely of single bedrooms. Each air-conditioned suite consists of a central living room, a microfridge, shared bath area, and in most cases, six single bedrooms. There are laundry facilities and lounges located within the buildings. Medical students who choose to live on Grounds are assigned to Dillard. Television cable, data connection, and telephones are available in each room. A microcomputer lab is located in the area. Twelve month contracts are available for students living in this area.

The Range   Rooms on the East and West Range are part of the original Jeffersonian Academical Village and are available through a lottery to graduate students who have completed at least one year of study at the University. Each room has a fireplace, walnut desk, bookcase, straight chair, and rocking chair. There is an academic year limitation on residence on the Range. One may be housed elsewhere on Grounds for successive years.

Hereford College   For students interested in participating in a residential college program, there are a limited number of graduate student assignments for Hereford College. (Twelve month contracts are available.) This area is comprised of five houses of approximately 100 students each. There are both single and double rooms on each floor with shared bath areas. Each room is wired for television cable and data connection. Telephones are provided (with local service incorporated in the rental rate.)

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