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Final Examinations

Final examinations are given in courses during a designated period of time at the end of each semester except in the School of Law and the Graduate School of Business Administration. Students in the Darden School and the Law School should consult their dean's office for the schedule for final examinations. Final examinations in courses may be given only at the time listed in the Course Offering Directory issued each semester by the Office of the University Registrar. Faculty members are not authorized to change the announced times of their examinations. Such changes may be authorized only by the faculty member's dean's office, and then only for compelling reasons.

Students are not permitted to take a final examination before the regularly scheduled examination. When genuinely serious conditions exist, students, with the consent of the course instructor, may be allowed to postpone a final examination until after the regular examination period. When the instructor concurs, a student must submit a request on a form provided in the student's dean's office. Students will then take the examination at the instructor's convenience, usually no later than March 15 for a course taken in the fall semester and no later than October 15 for a course taken during the spring semester.

Unexcused absence from a final examination results in an automatic grade of F in the final examination. An instructor may also give a student a grade of F in a course irrespective of other previously graded work if a final examination is missed without prior permission.

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