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Leaves of Absence and Withdrawals

Voluntary Leaves of Absence  Students who wish to take a voluntary leave of absence for a semester or year must apply for such leave at their dean's office. Students on leave must apply for readmission to their school at least 60 days prior to the registration dates for the semester during which they intend to register.

Educational Leaves of Absence   Students who wish to take a leave of absence to pursue educational interests at another educational institution in the United States must apply for a leave of absence at their dean's office. Students who wish to study abroad on an accredited program or at an accredited foreign university must apply for leave of absence at the International Studies Office. While on such an approved leave, students must register at the University of Virginia as a non-resident and pay a non-resident fee which indicates that they are on an approved leave of absence pursuing educational interests elsewhere. Students registered for an approved leave may preregister for courses and do not have to apply for readmission to the University, although they must notify their dean's/overseas study office when they intend to return.

Exclusion From Courses  A student who is making no real progress in a course or whose behavior is detracting from the course may be excluded from the course by the dean with a grade of WF or F. Students have five calendar days following written notification of this exclusion in which to appeal. Until the final disposition of the appeal, the student is considered to be enrolled in the course.

Enforced Withdrawal  Students may be forced to withdraw from the University for habitual delinquency in class, habitual idleness, or any other fault which prevents the student from fulfilling the purpose implied by registration at the University. Students who are forced to withdraw during a given term will have the notation Enforced Withdrawal (date) entered on their permanent academic record following the semester in which the action occurred. Grades of W (withdrawal) will be entered for each of the courses in which the students were registered. Students who have been forced to withdraw must apply for readmission to their dean's office in the same manner as a suspended student.

Medical Withdrawal  Students who withdraw for reasons of health must obtain permission from the Department of Student Health. Grades of W (withdrawal) will be entered for each of the courses in which the students were registered. Subsequent medical clearance from the Department of Student Health is required for readmission.

Voluntary Withdrawal  Students may withdraw from the University before the conclusion of a semester under the following conditions:

  1. Students under the age of 18 must give notice to their parents or legal guardians of their intention to withdraw. Evidence of such notice must be provided at the time of the withdrawal.
  2. Applications for withdrawal must be made in writing to the students' academic dean's office and must be approved by the dean.
  3. Failure to comply with the above regulations will subject a student to suspension from the University by the vice president for student affairs. Any student who withdraws without having obtained permission is recorded as having been suspended.
  4. Students who withdraw from the University voluntarily will have the notation Withdrew (date) recorded on their permanent academic record.

Appeals   Students have the right to appeal imposition of sanctions. While an appeal is pending, a student's standing remains status quo.

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