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Students must complete final registration via the ISIS Telephone System in order to be considered duly enrolled students. Specific instructions are available each semester in the Course Offering Directory and on-line at http://www.virginia.edu/~regist. The late registration period begins the day after the end of regular registration. Students who pre-enroll in courses but who do not complete the registration process will lose their places in these courses on the Friday immediately following final registration. The final deadline for registration is seven weeks after the first day of classes. Students who have not completed registration by this date will not be allowed to register for the semester, receive credit for the semester, or receive a degree during the semester. No student will be permitted to register after this time except in cases where the delay in registration was a result of University actions. Inability to pay tuition and fees by the deadlines imposed by the university bursar does not constitute an acceptable reason for registering late.

A late registration fee of $25 is charged to students who register after regular registration through the end of the tenth class meeting day of the semester. After the tenth class meeting day, a $50 late registration fee is charged.

Payment of tuition and fees is considered to be part of the registration process. Failure to pay tuition and fees by the dates established by the university bursar will result in suspension from the University (see Chapter 2). Any student who registers assumes thereby an obligation to pay for that semester's tuition and fees.

All suspensions -- financial, disciplinary, or academic -- must be cleared before a student is permitted to register at the University. Students who are terminated for non-academic reasons during the semester and who seek reinstatement in the same semester are readmitted and reregistered by the university registrar in coordination with the student's dean's office. The student is required to present the termination clearance form approved by the termination authority to the registrar prior to the tenth class day before the last day of scheduled classes. Students are not allowed to be readmitted or reregistered after this deadline and are not allowed to receive credit for that semester or to receive a degree in that semester.

Students who fail to register are not considered to be students at the University and are not certified as being enrolled at the University for any purpose. Students who register must enroll in at least the minimum of credits required by the pertinent school or have the registration cancelled.

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