4: University Regulations

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Grievance Procedure

Students who have a grievance concerning the applicability of University regulations in the area of student affairs have the right to file a grievance according to the procedure listed below. (See also Academic Grievance Procedure.)
  1. After discussing the situation with the assigned advisor, students' concerns related to a staff member in student affairs that cannot be resolved between the two parties should be discussed with the respective director or dean of the unit on a one-to-one basis;
  2. Should the concern be related to the director or dean of the unit, the grievance would be filed with the vice president for student affairs;
  3. In circumstance number 1, if appropriate relief is not forthcoming, the next level of discussion should be with the vice president for student affairs; and
  4. Should the level of concern relate to the Vice President for Student Affairs, appropriate documentation should be presented in writing to the President of the University.

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