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Use of University Equipment

  1. "University community," as used herein, includes the University, its departments, service units, affiliated or related organizations and foundations, faculty members, staff members, students, groups of students and student organizations which are Contracted Independent Organizations (CIOs).
  2. The administrative head of each unit of the University, or the head of a subunit when so delegated, is responsible for the control and accountability of use of all equipment assigned to the unit and for assuring that use of the equipment is consistent with this Policy and the purpose, mission and goals of the University.
  3. University equipment may not be used by University faculty, staff or students for personal purposes unrelated to the University's mission or for commercial purposes. Likewise, University owned and provided consumable materials and supplies may not be used for such personal purposes or commercial purposes.

    Personal activities related to teaching, scholarship and research or public service promote the University's mission. Accordingly, faculty and staff members may be offered the privilege of occasional and reasonable use of University equipment in connection with their personal academic pursuits and professional development, provided the University incurs no unreasonable costs for materials and supplies, maintenance and repairs. Approval of these cases will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

  4. Use of University equipment by individuals and organizations who are not part of the University community is not permitted unless the responsible unit head approves a user request form. Such a form may be approved only when the use meets one of the following criteria:
    1. The use is in connection with approved University sponsored activities, events or services. (Reference to Policy and Procedure on University Services and Activities.)
    2. The use is part of a contractual agreement between the University and a government agency, a private business or another educational institution, and the agreement has been reviewed for consistency with University policy relative to competition with the private sector and unrelated business income by the administrative head of the related unit with the assistance of the Office of the General Counsel.
    3. The use is by official visitors to the University and is appropriate to the purpose of the visit.
    4. The use is in connection with a public service activity and the equipment does not exist elsewhere or is not reasonably otherwise available to the user.
    The unit head responsible for the equipment may establish a user fee, when appropriate. Such a fee must be approved in accordance with the University's Services and Activities procedures.

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