4: University Regulations

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Substance Abuse Resources

Educational Programming
Institute for Substance Abuse Studies -- The coordinating body for substance abuse prevention, education, treatment and research at the University (924-5276).

Peer Health Educators -- A peer group trained in substance abuse information providing informal educational sessions (924-1509).

University Police Department -- Officers providing information and seminars in the legal aspects of areas related to substance abuse (924-7166).

Consultation and Treatment
Addiction Science Center -- Outpatient treatment program with free initial evaluation and consultation (924-0399).

Addiction Treatment Program -- Inpatient treatment program at Blue Ridge Hospital (924-5555).

Student Health -- Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling is available from Counseling and Psychological Services for confidential evaluation and treatment of students with substance abuse concerns. Family and group sessions, including groups for ACOAs and recovering students are also available (924-5556).

Aid to Impaired Medical Students -- Information, consultation, intervention and referrals for medical students (924-9130).

Aid to Impaired Residents -- Information, consultation, intervention and referrals for Health Sciences Center residents (924-2047).

Assistance on Substance Abuse for Professional Nurses -- Information, consultation, intervention and referrals for licensed professional nurses (924-5555).

Employee Assistance Program -- Information, consultation, intervention and referrals for faculty and staff (982-1665).

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