4: University Regulations

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Computer Usage Policy

This policy applies to all computing and communications facilities and equipment purchased or leased with University funds.

Everyone within the University of Virginia community who uses University computing and communications facilities has the responsibility to use them in an ethical, professional and legal manner. This means that users agree to abide by the following conditions:

Access to University computing and communications equipment and facilities may be revoked for reasons including, but not limited to, attacking the security of the system, modifying or divulging private information such as file or mail contents of other users without their consent, modifying or destroying University data, or using the national networks in a manner contrary to the established guidelines. Revocation of access may be done at any time by University system administrators in order to safeguard University resources and protect University privileges. Such revocation may be appealed to a committee appointed by the Vice President and Chief Information Officer.

If abuse of computer systems occurs, those responsible for such abuse will be held accountable and may be subject to disciplinary action.

Responsibility for Accounts  Each University user is responsible for the activity of all computing accounts in his or her name. No user should ever give access to his or her accounts to another person. All users should take appropriate precautions to ensure that no one else uses their accounts.

Retention of Computer Files  The University regards electronic mail and voice communications as vehicles for delivery of information and not as mechanisms for the retention or archiving of such information.

It is the responsibility of the individual sender and/or receiver of such messages to determine which information should be retained or archived. Records should be retained in accordance with the University's financial and administrative policy on records retention and disposition (policy #II.C.1) and the Virginia state code. Records that are retained by an individual, even if they are retained on an electronic medium, are subject to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act. Current electronic technology is not considered acceptable for permanent (archival) storage. Thus, documents judged to be archival should be stored on an appropriate medium such as paper or microfilm.

Users of computer systems are expected to abide by the Computer Usage Policy.

Software Copyrights  Most software available for use on computers at the University of Virginia is protected by federal copyright laws. Educational institutions are not exempt from laws covering copyrights. In addition, software is normally protected by a license agreement between the purchaser and the software seller. The software provided through the University for use of faculty, staff, and students may be used only on computing equipment as specified in the various software licenses.

It is policy of the University to respect the copyright protections given to software owners by federal law. It is against University policy for faculty, staff, or students to copy or reproduce any licensed software on University computing equipment, except as expressly permitted by the software license. Also, faculty, staff, and students may not use unauthorized copies of software on University-owned computers or on personal computers housed in University facilities.

Unauthorized use of software is regarded as a serious matter and any such use is without the consent of the University of Virginia and subject to disciplinary action.

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