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The Bad Check Committee

The Bad Check Committee, an agency of the Honor Committee, has promoted good student-merchant relations in the area since 1923. Upon receipt of a bad check, merchants contact the Bad Check Committee rather than the police. The primary function of the Committee is to assist University students in clearing up their bounced checks quickly, to insure students the privilege of writing checks in the community. Its second purpose is to protect this relationship by requesting suspension for the few flagrant violators who damage the merchant's trust. Finally, the Committee attempts to preserve and expand the good relationship that students and area merchants enjoy due to the Honor Code.

Unknowingly writing a bad check which is paid upon notification does not fall within the scope of the Honor System. However, willfully writing and passing bad checks is a violation of the spirit of trust between students and merchants in our community. The Bad Check Committee may refer to the Honor Committee any case involving the willful passing of bad checks for investigation as a possible honor offense. In addition, students deemed Repeat Offenders by the Committee may be suspended from the University for up to a semester.

The Bad Check Committee is composed of elected representatives from the schools of the University and selected support officers. The Honor Committee's Vice-Chair for Services serves as the Chairman, assisted by the Bad Check Coordinator. The Coordinator is a previously elected representative or chosen support officer confirmed by the Honor Committee to that position.

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