4: University Regulations

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Modification of Privileges

The privilege of parking in University controlled areas is granted when a permit is affixed to the vehicle. The privileges granted may be modified or the permit revoked at any time by the University for good cause.

Notice of modification of privileges or revocation of permit is given to the permit holder at least five days prior to modification or revocation. The permit holder may, at that time, request a prorated refund for the unexpired portion of a revoked permit or he or she may request a cancellation (and prorated refund) of the modified privileges granted.

Good cause for revocation of permit or modification of privileges shall include, but in no way shall be limited to, the following circumstances:

  1. Removal of parking from an area for safety reasons.
  2. Removal of parking from an area due to construction or renovation, including the provision of adequate storage space for contractors and a safety zone surrounding construction.
  3. Removal of parking from an area in order to improve traffic flow for motor vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.
The holder of a permit that is revoked or whose privileges have been modified as set forth above is given priority in assignment of another space.

Amendments   to these regulations may be initiated by students through the Student Council and by staff and faculty through the Department of Parking and Transportation for consideration by the Traffic and Parking Committee. Amendments are effective without notice. Students should contact the Department of Parking and Transportation for any changes.

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