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Special Fellowships

The Henry Clay Marchant Fellowships were founded in 1935 by Mrs. Fanny Bragg Marchant, of Albemarle County, Va., in memory of her husband, Henry Clay Marchant. Appointments are made by the Rector and Visitors of the University from students recommended by the Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Preference is given candidates, regardless of religious denomination, who are preparing to become medical missionaries or to enter the ministry. When proper selection cannot be made from these two classes of students, the awards may be conferred upon any scholars, whatever their educational goal, who are deemed worthy by the Rector and Visitors. The tenure of each fellowship is one year, but the holder may be reappointed upon the recommendation of the Dean of the Graduate School.

The Wallerstein Fellowship (with a stipend not to exceed $5,000) was established by a gift from Ruth C. and Morton L. Wallerstein to foster interest and research in Virginia municipal government. It is hoped, but not required, that recipients either be employees or officials of Virginia municipalities or persons intending to enter or re-enter Virginia municipal service upon completion of graduate work. Application forms may be obtained from the Institute of Government, 207 Minor Hall.

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