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Master's Degree

The master's degree will be conferred upon the holder of an approved baccalaureate degree who has fulfilled within the designated time limit all requirements as set forth below. Language requirements are included in the section on Ph.D. requirements. Successful candidates in those departments (science and mathematics) which offer both the M.A. and M.S. may upon recommendation of their departmental faculty elect the M.S. degree.

Program of Studies   Not less than 24 credits of graduate courses must be successfully completed while regularly enrolled as a graduate student in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The program should be arranged in consultation with the professors concerned, approved by a faculty advisor of the major subject or department, and then be approved by the Dean in a formal degree application submitted not later than October 1 if the degree is to be conferred in January, or February 1 if the degree is to be conferred in May, or July 1 if the degree is to be conferred in August. The courses may all be in one subject or department, but the candidate may, with the approval of his or her advisor, elect a limited number of appropriate courses offered in other departments. Only graduate courses (courses taught by members of one of the graduate faculties of the University) may be counted toward a graduate degree, and no extension, correspondence, home-study or transfer courses will be counted toward the degrees of Master of Arts and Master of Science.

Following the course descriptions for each department will be found statements of any special requirements in that department for the M.A. or M.S. degree.

Thesis   Departments may include a master's thesis as one of their degree requirements. Detailed instructions on the subject and method of the thesis are available from the departments. The physical standards for the thesis and the deadlines for submission are the same as those for a Ph.D. dissertation.

Final Examination   A candidate must receive a satisfactory standing in a final examination, oral or written or both, conducted by two or more faculty members designated by the department in which the candidate is working. The result of the examination, with the names of the examiners, must be reported by the chairman of the examining committee to the Graduate School no later than two weeks before Final Exercises.

Time Limitation   All work for the master's degree must be completed within five years from the time of admission if the work is done wholly during the regular academic session and within seven years if the work is done wholly or in part in summer sessions. In special cases, upon approval of the Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, out-of-date work may be revalidated by examination.

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