6: Graduate School of Architecture

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Student Honors and Awards

Both the School and professional organizations from the fields of Architecture, Architectural History, Landscape Architecture, and Urban and Environmental Planning recognize outstanding achievements with the following honors and awards.

The Stanley and Helen Abbott Award is awarded by the faculty of the Department of Landscape Architecture to graduating students in the Department of Landscape Architecture for outstanding promise in the field of landscape architecture.

The Alpha Rho Chi Medal is awarded annually to the graduating student in the Department of Architecture who has shown ability for leadership, who has performed willing service for the School and department, and gives promise of real professional merit through his or her attitude and personality.

The American Institute of Architects School Medal is awarded annually to the outstanding graduate student in the Department of Architecture. The award is supported by an endowment fund established in 1914 in the estate of the late Henry Adams.

The American Planning Association, The American Institute of Certified Planners, and Virginia Citizens Planning Association Awards are presented annually to outstanding graduate students.

The American Society of Landscape Architects Certificates of Honor and Merit are awarded to outstanding graduating students in the Department of Landscape Architecture.

The Clark Group/OMNI Construction, Inc./George Hyman Construction Company Award is given each year to a student exhibiting overall achievement and professional promise in the fields of construction and building technologies.

The Paul S. Dulaney Conservation and Preservation Award is given each year to an outstanding student in Planning who has contributed to this field by outstanding academic work.

The Benjamin C. Howland Traveling Fellowship is awarded each year to a graduating student from the Department of Landscape Architecture.

The Sarah McArthur Nix Traveling Fellowship.

The Duncan T. McCrea Memorial Award.

The Frederick Doveton Nichols Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement is made each year for outstanding academic achievement to a graduate and an undergraduate student in the Department of Architectural History.

The Carlo Pelliccia Traveling Fellowship for study in Italy is awarded each year by the Department of Architecture.

The Robert L. Plavnick Outstanding Student Award is presented to an outstanding Planning student in the Northern Virginia Planning Program.

The Lori Ann Pristo Award is made each year to the graduate student in architecture with the highest grade point average.

The RTKL Fellowship is awarded each year to a graduate architecture student.

The Sean Steele-Nicholson Memorial Award, in memory of Sean Steel-Nicholson (BS Arch '91), is presented each year at graduation to a student who has exhibited an overall excellence in design and scholarship and an enthusiasm, joy, and wonder for architecture, coupled with the ability to instill these qualities in others.

Financial Aid Sources   The following are some of the available sources of financial aid within the School of Architecture:

Governor Fellowships;
IEN Graduate Assistantships;
Graduate Student Assistantships;
Graduate Teaching Assistantships;
Minority Graduate Assistantships;
Work-Study Funds;
Special Student Aid;
Tuition Adjustments;
Tuition Remission;
Thomas Jefferson Fellowships;
Arts and Sciences Graduate Fellowships;
Peter Armisted III Scholarship for Preservation Studies.

Endowed Scholarships and Fellowships:
Anonymus Architecture Scholarship;
The Bevin and Vito Cetta Endowed Fellowship;
Janet Carlson Duchen Scholarship;
William D. Darden Memorial Scholarship;
DuPont Fellowship for Graduate Studies;
The Bessie F. and Ernest L. Gilliland Endowed Scholarship;
The Joseph W. Gold Memorial Scholarship;
The Ella R. and Milton Grigg Endowed Scholarship;
Jefferson C. and Catherine F. Grinnalds Scholarship;
The Frederic Lord Holloway Endowed Scholarship;
Kyle Frances Kauffman Honorary Scholarship;
Peter R. Kutscha Endowed Memorial Scholarship;
James E. Pate Memorial Scholarship;
Dana H. Rowe Memorial Scholarship;
Lambert Woods Architects Scholarship.

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