6: Graduate School of Architecture

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Programs Abroad

Fall Program in London or Bath, England   The program is open to fourth-year undergraduate architecture students and graduate students in History of Architecture and Planning for study at either the School of Architecture, University of Bath, or at the Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning, University College, London.

Students participating in this program are on leave of absence from the University and are directly enrolled in either of the two schools. They will participate in the regular curricula offerings of the two schools for academic credit to be transferred to the University of Virginia at the end of the semester.

Fall Program in Venice, Italy   This program is a regular University semester program offered in Venice. It is mainly oriented toward graduate students in architecture and landscape architecture. For a limited number of students in Architectural History and in Urban and Environmental Planning there are special studies.

Courses are offered in Architecture Design Studio (six credits), History of Art and Architecture (three credits), and History of Urban Development (three credits). These courses are taught by faculty members from the University of Virginia and the University of Venice. Knowledge of the Italian language is strongly recommended.

Summer Program in Vicenza, Italy   This program is open to all students in the School of Architecture. The program carries no credit other than three optional credits for Independent Study. Extensive field trips to explore the art, architecture, and urbanism of the region are a prominent part of the program. Instruction is provided by University of Virginia and adjunct indigenous faculty members. Knowledge of the Italian language is strongly recommended.

Summer Program in Beijing, China   This course, entitled Chinese History and Architecture: 14th-20th Centuries, introduces students to major developments in the history of Chinese architecture since the late Yuan Dynasty. Lectures on the historical context of each major period are followed by extensive and, in some cases, multiple visits to such sites as the Temple of Heaven, the Forbidden City, the Ming Tombs and the Great Wall. Faculty members include members of the University of Virginia Department of History and School of Architecture, and specialists from Beijing.

Students receive six credits for the course, and may register for Department of History credit (HIEA 801/802) or School of Architecture credit (ARCH 530/531).

Fellowships are available from the Ellen Bayard Weedon Foundation. Limited travel funds are available through the Weedon East Asian Travel Grant competition sponsored by the East Asian Center.

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