7: Darden Graduate School of Business Administration

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Special Gifts

John S. Alfriend Memorial Fund -- a matching fund donated by the Sovran Bank and friends of Mr. Alfriend for the development of guest lectureships, case writing, and special research projects.

The IRC Executive-in-Residence   This visiting professorship was established by Industrial Relations Counselors, Inc., and is "dedicated to the advancement of the knowledge and practice of human relationships in industry, commerce, education and government."

Citibank/Darden Faculty Scholars   Established by Citibank to support the professionalism of the Darden faculty in their globalization focus and attendant field research.

General Motors Research Scholars Program   Established by a grant from the General Motors Foundation to enable the faculty of The Darden School to initiate scholarly activity in an interdisciplinary investigation of issues central to creating and managing sustained high performance in organizations.

Curry-Darden Educational Leadership Program   Established by a grant from Philip Morris Corporation to support management leadership education for practicing K-12 school administrators in partnership with school districts and corporations.

Wachovia Award For Excellence   The Wachovia Awards for Excellence, established by the Wachovia Corporation, each fall term recognize outstanding research or teaching materials developed by Darden School faculty.

The Everard Meade Fund for Creativity -- established by the Class of 1970 in honor of Everard Meade, retired Darden School Lecturer and Alumni Secretary. Income from the fund supports an annual Meade Award for Creative Leadership to a national business figure and The Class of 1970 Scholarship for creative management.

Ruffin Lecture Series   The series will bring leading scholars to The Darden School to give public lectures on business ethics. The lectures will be published and manuscripts representing the best thinking in business ethics will be included in the monographs.

Class of 1980 Fund -- to support a symposium of business-government, labor, and academic leaders focusing on an issue of national significance to the business community.

Class of 1964 Entrepreneurship Fund -- established by David Walentas and his Class of 1964 to fund a series of activities to expose Darden students annually to issues and prominent personalities associated with entrepreneurial business ventures.

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