7: Darden Graduate School of Business Administration

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Executive Education

Executive Education programs date back to 1955, and have always been central to Darden's mission to provide opportunities for lifelong learning for practicing managers. Currently, over 100 year-round program offerings serve more than 3,000 executives annually.

Darden Executive Education Programs are designed for the operating manager, and emphasize problem solutions in building managerial effectiveness. Programs are offered on an open enrollment basis. In addition, Executive Education welcomes the opportunity to work with organizations in the design and development of programs and research activities that are tailored to achieve specific company objectives and focus on key corporate issues. Darden also offers consortium programs that encourage involvement by groups of organizations in the development of objectives and content for programs which offer the benefits of multicompany participation.

Three- to five-day seminars are held throughout the year in finance, manufacturing, marketing and sales, leadership, and managing people. Longer programs have been specifically designed for general managers facing the task of integrating several functional areas. In recent years programs have been held in England, Germany, Australia, and Singapore.

Each year in June and July, Executive Education draws approximately 100 senior-level men and women from all sections of the country and the world for a demanding six-week management education experience.

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