7: Darden Graduate School of Business Administration

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Tayloe Murphy International Business Studies Center

The Tayloe Murphy International Business Studies Center is an affiliated agency of the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia.

The Tayloe Murphy Center encourages successful business growth on a global basis. The Center develops and implements educational programs and research projects that broaden the business executive's understanding of international issues, enabling the manager to respond effectively to international opportunities.

In pursuit of this mission, the Center:

Educational Programs   The Center is identifying executive development needs concerning problems or opportunities in international business. The needs are met by executive development programs offered by The Darden School and the faculty from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Virginia.

Broad-Based Research   The Center promotes the study of international business through the faculty of The Darden School by providing staff research capabilities, editing, and direct field research support. Currently, the Center is engaged in the following activities:

Research and Scholarship   Two international business casebooks are in preparation by Professor Mark Eaker and Faith Rubenstein. They will be published by Southwest College Publishing.

Casewriting   Cases on international business issues are being written with the assistance of the Center. Others are being translated for use abroad. These cases will be distributed world-wide through the Darden Case Distribution Center. Professor William Rotch, formerly Director of the Tayloe Murphy International Business Studies Center, has been assisting international business schools to learn to write and teach with business cases.

Faculty Exchange Program   Faculty from Asian, European, Latin American and African business schools have been recruited to bring their cases, research and courses to Darden; the Center also arranges for Darden faculty to teach in international settings. The Darden faculty reported visiting teaching appointments, speeches or presentations in 43 countries during the past six years, many assisted by the Center.

Student Exchange Program   The Center has established M.B.A. student exchange programs with leading business schools in six countries: Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, Singapore and Belgium.

Executive Education   Efforts are underway to establish new management and executive education programs for international clients, either through new open enrollment programs, or in single company or consortium formats.

Business Outreach   The Center sponsors events which bring international speakers to Virginia business audiences.

Globalization   Sponsors various student and faculty activities which enhance the Darden School's internationalization.

The Center honors a prominent Virginia businessman, civic leader, and legislator, W. Tayloe Murphy, who died in 1962. Activities at the Center are financed by endowment income, state funds, and grants from businesses that sponsor specific research projects. The endowment funds were provided by friends of W. Tayloe Murphy and by the Virginia business community.

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