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M.B.A.-M.A. in Asian Studies

The M.B.A.-M.A. in Asian Studies combines the analysis, decision-making, and managerial concepts and techniques taught at The Darden School with intensive language and area studies in East Asia, primarily Japan and Taiwan.

Students are expected to complete the M.B.A.-M.A. program in three years instead of the four years required if each degree were taken separately.

Administration of the Program   The program is administered by one member of the East Asian Studies faculty and one member of The Darden School faculty, as designated by the respective deans. The responsibilities of these faculty members extend to admission to the program, development of curricula for the students involved, coordination of courses and examinations, and promotion of joint offerings by the two schools where that seems feasible.

Curriculum   A joint degree candidate must receive passing grades in 16 courses in The Darden School and with at least 13 grades of B-or better. Students must also take the required portion of the M.A. program, which consists of 24 graduate credits.

Following the Darden first year, students normally spend the summer in intensive language study. The second year is followed by a six-month internship in an East Asian location. For their sixth semester, the students return to the University to complete their degree requirements. One research paper based on field work conducted in Asia may be used to satisfy both the directed study requirement at Darden and the master's thesis requirement at GSAS. These research projects are jointly supervised by a faculty member from both The Darden School and the East Asian Studies Faculty.

Students in the joint program must comply with the Darden grading standards for recognized joint programs.

At the successful conclusion of the three years, the student is awarded both an M.B.A. and an M.A.

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