7: Darden Graduate School of Business Administration

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Financial Assistance

A student's entire financial requirements ordinarily will not be underwritten by the School. Nevertheless, the faculty hopes that no qualified applicant will be unable to enter the doctoral program because of lack of financial resources.

A student with outstanding potential and/or who demonstrates that outside sources are not available may apply for a fellowship for tuition, fees, and living costs. Generous fellowship awards may be received for the two years of full-time course work and for the one year of full-time dissertation research. Recipients must be in good academic standing to qualify for fellowship stipends. The Director of the Doctoral Program will review the academic performance and the financial support needs of each student every 12 months. If a student's financial support needs have changed, revisions in the fellowship stipend will be made. In addition, loans are available. Tuition waivers and part-time teaching and research assistantships are often available to those students needing and desiring them. During the summer research assistantships are available.

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