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General Academic Requirements

Admissions   Applications for admission to Professional Development, Master of Education, Master of Teaching, Education Specialist, Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees may be obtained from the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs, School of Education, Ruffner Hall, 405 Emmet Street, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 22903, (804) 924-3334. Students who wish to apply for a doctoral degree program should note the differences in the admissions requirements for the Ed.D. and the Ph.D. as outlined in the section entitled Doctoral Degrees.

All programs in the Curry School of Education are quite competitive. Admission criteria include strong Graduate Record Examination Scores, academic records which reflect advanced capabilities (generally a GPA over 3.0), strong letters of recommendation, and professional experience related to the field of study. Students must also submit a statement of professional goals which reflects their writing skills, and desire to study at the University of Virginia. This statement should also describe how professional goals will be enhanced by study in the Curry School. Students from under-represented groups and/or with diverse backgrounds are particularly encouraged to apply and may be given special consideration.

Special instructions apply for the Clinical Psychology Program. Any student who holds a master's degree in Psychology, Counseling, or other closely related area should complete an application for the Ph.D. Program in Clinical Psychology. Students not holding a master's degree should complete the application for the M.Ed. program. Please note that advanced GRE test results are required for admission into this program. The application deadline is January 15.

Official transcripts of all previous undergraduate and graduate work, Graduate Record Examination scores, and at least two letters of recommendation must be provided as part of the application process. There is a $40 non-refundable application fee which must accompany the application.

Application Deadlines   Admission applications and all supporting documents including GRE scores should be received by March 1 for the summer and fall semesters, and by November 15 for the spring semester. Applications completed by these dates will be given priority for space and financial aid. Applications for admission and financial aid received after these dates will be considered on a space available basis. Exceptions: (1) all applications and required materials for the Curry Programs in Clinical and School Psychology must be received by January 15 for admission to the fall semester. Students are not permitted to enter the Clinical and School Psychology program in the spring or summer semesters.

The following programs have absolute March 1 deadlines, and do not accept new applicants for the spring semester: Teacher Education (all MT degrees); Communication Disorders; Counselor Education; Curriculum and Instruction; Instructional Technology; Motor Learning; Physical Education; Sport Psychology; and the master's degree in Athletic Training.

Graduate Record Examinations   The Curry School of Education requires the Graduate Record Examination basic core of Verbal, Quantitative and Analytic aptitude tests for admission to all graduate programs (no exceptions). In addition, Clinical and School Psychology requires the appropriate GRE advanced tests. All GRE scores must be current (within five years of the date of application).

Examinations should be taken as early as possible so that scores are available prior to the application deadline. Information on GRE's may be obtained directly from the Educational Testing Service or from the Office of Admissions. The designation of Code 5820 should be indicated at the time of administration to ensure that scores will be sent to the Curry School of Education.

Completed registration forms and test fees should be mailed to Educational Testing Service at least five weeks before the test date to request a test center in the United States or Puerto Rico, and seven weeks to request a test center in any other country. For a registration form and detailed information about registration dates, test centers, fees, and score reporting, obtain the Information Bulletin (National Administrations Editions) from: Graduate Record Examinations, Educational Testing Service, Box 955, Princeton, NJ 08541.

It is also possible to take a computerized version of the GRE through the Sylvan Learning Center in many major cities.

TOEFL Scores All international students for whom English is not the native tongue, must take and submit TOEFL scores. A score of 600 is generally considered minimal in the Curry School of Education.

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