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Financial Aid Information

Title IV Institutional Code = 003745
College Name = University of Virginia

Financial aid in the form of scholarships, federal loans, and federally supported work-study employment is available to students who demonstrate ďneedĒ according to the guidelines of the FAFSA form. In addition to the scholarship, federal loan and employment programs, federal and non-federal loan assistance is available without regard to a familyís ability to contribute toward meeting educational costs. Although there are deadlines which, in the studentís self-interest, ought to be observed, the financial aid office recognizes that emergencies may arise and available financial resources may change unexpectedly. When unforeseen circumstances occur or when questions arise about the nature of and/or responsibilities for the various forms of financial aid, inquiries should be addressed to or an appointment made with the Director of Financial Aid.

All citizens and permanent residents of the United States are eligible to apply for financial assistance. All financial aid data provided is kept confidential.

First-Year Students--How To Apply   Applicants applying for federal and institutional financial aid must file the FAFSA form. This form may be obtained from the financial aid office at the institution you are currently attending, or you may use the FAFSA Renewal form sent to you. Due to changing federal regulations, you may want to verify with our office the required forms needed before beginning the financial aid process. The applications should be filed no later than February 15, if at all possible, in order to assure its receipt at the school by March 1. The FAFSA contains sections to be completed by the applicant, spouse, and the applicantís parents. Parental information is required by our institution for all applicants under the age of 26, regardless of the FAFSA instructions. An in-house financial aid application is required from admitted applicants only.

Second- and Third-Year Students   Each present second- and third-year law student who is currently on financial aid must re-apply yearly to continue receiving financial aid. Since a personís financial circumstances can change significantly from one year to the next, new applications are necessary each year to reflect all such changes accurately. To renew financial assistance each student must submit either the FAFSA or FAFSA Renewal, and an in-house application which serves the particular needs and programs available at this law school. Applications are available from the financial aid office.

Rising second- and third-year students should complete and submit the forms no later than April 15 of the year preceding the period for which aid is requested. Since the amount of scholarship and federal financial aid is limited, these funds will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Tardy reapplications may diminish the extent of aid provided, or may exclude the late applicant altogether from either or both of these programs.

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