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J.D.-M.A. (History) Program

In order to encourage the study of legal history, and to attract able students into the field, the School of Law, in conjunction with the Corcoran Department of History, offers a combined J.D.-M.A. degree program. Persons admitted to the M.A. program commence their work in history at the beginning of their second year. Eight courses are required for the M.A. degree, which is generally awarded simultaneously with the J.D. at the end of the third year of Law School. Of the eight three-credit courses, six may be credited toward both the 24 credits required for the M.A. degree and the 86 credits required for the J.D. degree. Students generally take two history courses per semester during the second and third years of law study. Five courses in legal history are offered by the law faculty, and three courses in legal history are offered by the Corcoran Department of History. The other two courses, drawn from the general offerings of the Corcoran Department of History, are chosen in consultation with the law-history program advisor. Other requirements for the M.A. degree include a thesis, completed in a three-credit research seminar during the third year; proficiency in a foreign language (two years of college study or the equivalent); and creditable performance in a one-hour oral examination.

The Law School faculty advisors for this program are Professors G. Edward White, Michael Klarman, and Charles McCurdy.

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