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J.D.-M.B.A. Program

The Law School offers a combined program with the University of Virginia Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, in which the student may obtain both the M.B.A. degree and the J.D. degree in four years instead of the five that would be required if each were taken separately.

Administration of the Program   The program is administered by members of the Law and Darden School faculties, as designated by the respective deans. These faculty members are the faculty advisors for the program.

Admission to the Program   A student who wishes to be admitted into the joint program must secure separate admission to both the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration and the School of Law through the normal admissions process. In both cases, the student is held to the same standards as any other applicant, and candidacy for the joint program is not considered at this stage. Application to one school may be made prior to entrance or while a first-year student at the other. No students are admitted to the joint program after completing the first year of either Law or Darden. Students who have been admitted to both schools and who wish to undertake the joint program should notify the registrar of both schools and apply to the faculty advisors for permission to do so. Admission requires approval of both the Law and Darden faculty advisors.

Curriculum   The program takes four years to complete. It consists of the complete first-year program of each school, followed by two years of courses taken from the curricula of the two schools and, in appropriate cases, from other graduate offerings at the University. Students who have been admitted to the program may elect whether they want to start in the School of Law or the Darden School, and in any event must spend their first year in full-time residence in either the Darden School or the School of Law. The second year is spent in the other school, again in full-time residence and, in effect, as regular first-year students.

Thereafter (assuming the student has earned 30 Law School credits and successfully completed the first-year program at the Darden School), the student is required to earn 32 credits per year for the next two years, 12 each year in Darden School and 20 each year in the School of Law. The student is obligated to take as part of these credits all of the required curriculum of both the Darden School and the School of Law. The remaining credits are elective credits, and can be chosen from the respective law and business curricula. At the successful conclusion of the four years, the student is awarded both the M.B.A. and J.D. degrees.

Change of Status   At any point in the program, the student may terminate plans for a joint degree and continue toward a single degree at either school. The student must then satisfy the normal requirements of the school elected, which may include credit for some of the work done in the other school, as determined by the appropriate officials of the school in question.

Financial Aid   Financial aid is available during the first two years by application to the school at which the student is a resident. The school at which the student was a resident for the first year also provides for the third year, and the other school provides for the final year.

Tuition and Fees   During the first two years of the program, students are treated for these purposes as regularly matriculated students at the school in which they are in residence. The students pay the Law School tuition and fees while in residence at the School of Law, and the Darden School tuition and fees while in residence at that school. During the third and fourth years, the students pay the higher of the tuitions of the two schools, plus the required fees, plus the special fees exacted by both schools.

Extracurricular Activities   The students are eligible to participate in the extracurricular activities of both schools to the extent that their time permits. Students should be particularly alert to the possibility of over-commitment, however.

Grading Standards   In the first two years of the combined J.D.-M.B.A program while enrolled exclusively in either the School of Law or the Darden School, students are required to meet the grading standards of the school in which they are enrolled.

In the final two years, when enrolled in both, the students are required to meet the session and cumulative grading standards of both schools independently to remain in good standing.

Faculty Advisors   The Law School faculty advisors for this program are Professors Edmund W. Kitch and Paul G. Mahoney.

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