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J.D.-M.A. (Bioethics) Program

The following program for a combined M.A. degree was instituted in 1998 by the School of Law, the School of Medicine, and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Administration of the Program   The program is administered by a program committee, consisting of two members of the Law faculty appointed by the Dean of the School of Law, two members of the faculty of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences appointed by the Dean of the Graduate Faculties, and the Director of the Center for Biomedical Ethics in the School of Medicine.

Admission to the Program   The student is required to secure admission separately to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the Law School through the normal admissions processes in the two schools. The student has to meet the same standards as any other applicant, and candidacy for the joint program is not considered at this stage. Once admitted independently to the two schools, the student may then apply to the program committee for admission to the joint program.

Curriculum   The combined J.D.-M.A. program normally takes three and one-half to four years to complete and requires a minimum of 98 credits. In effect, the program consists of the complete first-year program at the School of Law and at least two and one-half years of courses taken from the curricula of the two schools and, when appropriate, from other graduate offerings at the University. The student is required to meet all of the requirements set by the respective schools for the award of both the J.D. and M.A. degree. In the School of Law this means that the student is required to earn a minimum of 86 credits as well as complete the required curriculum of the Law School. In the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, minimum requirements for the M.A. degree include 24 credits in an approved program, and completion of a thesis under the supervision of a faculty advisor. With the approval of the Law School representatives on the program committee, a student may receive up to 12 of the 86 credits required for his or her J.D. degree in appropriate graduate-level work in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Similarly, with the approval of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences advisor on the program committee, a student may receive up to nine of the 24 credits required for the M.A. degree in appropriate work in the School of Law. No student, however, may have more than 12 credits applied toward both degrees.

Change of Status   At any point in the program, the student may terminate plans for a joint program with approval of the program committee and continue toward a single degree at either school.

Grading Standards   The student is required to meet the grading standards of both schools independently to remain in good standing

Faculty Advisors   The Law School faculty advisors for this program are Professors Richard J. Bonnie and Paul A. Lombardo.

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