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Health Systems Management Track

The Health Systems Management Track is designed to prepare nurses at the graduate level to manage the delivery of nursing and health services across multiple settings and specialty areas. A major objective is to provide a unique educational experience to individuals capable of leadership and innovation in a dynamic health care delivery system. Graduates are prepared to assume leadership positions in a variety of health care settings, including public and private sector hospitals, ambulatory care facilities, and long-term facilities.

The curriculum builds on both the theoretical knowledge and clinical experience of the bachelorís-prepared nurse. Students are exposed to content fundamental to management, and develop competencies needed to analyze managerial problems and provide resourceful solutions. Special opportunities are provided for students to acquire the breadth of management knowledge and skills needed to perform effectively at the business and clinical interface of health care delivery organizations. One year prior experience as a registered nurse is required for admission. Management-related experience is recommended.

Health Systems Management Track
GNUR 580Theoretical Foundations of Nursing3
GNUR 582Research Processes for Health Care Practitioners3
GNUR 585Epidemiology and Population-based Assessment3
GNUR 590Health Policy and Issues 3
GNUR 707Introduction to Health Informatics2
GNUR 780Organization Theory for Administrative Practice3
GNUR 782Administrative Practicum I3
GNUR 783Health Economics3
GNUR 784Administrative Practicum II3
GNUR 785Research Practicum or
GNUR 862Concepts and Methods in Health Services Research3
GNUR 791Resource Management I3
GNUR 792Resource Management II3

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