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Academic Regulations

Degree Requirements
  1. Satisfactory completion of a minimum of 36 credits of approved graduate courses for students in the clinical specialist tracks; 55 credits of course work for students in the primary care nurse practitioner track; 47 credits of course work for students in the acute care nurse practitioner track, and 57 credits of course work for students in the combined nurse practitioner/clinical specialist tracks. Course requirements are specified under the section entitled Program Description.
  2. Satisfactory completion of all course work as specified in the policy on grades, with a final cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 (B).
  3. Completion of all requirements for the degree within five calendar years after matriculation into the program.
  4. Enrollment and payment of tuition and fees for no fewer than two regular semesters or the equivalent.

Grades   The standing of a masterís student in each course is indicated by one of the following symbols: A (very distinguished), A- (distinguished), B+ (very good), B (satisfactory), B- (acceptable), C (unsatisfactory), F (failure). A minimum grade of B- is required in all courses offered for any graduate degree. If a student receives a C grade in any School of Nursing course, the course must be repeated. A grade of C in any other course requires repeating the course and earning a satisfactory grade, or earning a minimum grade of B- in an alternate course. Students who receive more than one C grade are automatically dropped from the program. Any F grade results in the student being dropped from the program. Students in the School of Graduate Nursing are not permitted to take courses on a CR/NC basis. A grade of incomplete is a non-grade designation given for a course. The incomplete designation is recorded as an F if it is not removed within one calendar year, or prior to graduation, whichever comes first.

Transfer of Credit   Students may receive transfer credit for a maximum of two graduate-level courses completed at other accredited institutions. In order to be considered for transfer, the courses must have been completed with a minimum grade of B.

Credit for transfer courses is determined following evaluation of each studentís course work and overall plan of study. Evaluation of credits for transfer does not occur until after the student is admitted to the program. Information on the procedure for transfer of credit is available from the Office of the Associate Dean.

Application for Degrees   Applications for degrees may be obtained from the Office of the Associate Dean. Formal application for masterís degrees to be conferred must be submitted by students to the School of Nursing Office of the Associate Dean no later than October 1 for fall, February 1 for spring, and June 1 for summer. A student who has been listed as a degree candidate and then fails to complete degree requirements must reapply. A student who has been registered for a degree and then fails to meet the requirements for the degree must pay a fee of $10 for the preparation of a new diploma.

Acceptance of Degrees   Formal commencement exercises are held only once a year, in May. All those who have completed the program in August or December are invited to attend the exercises the following May.

Voluntary Withdrawal   An official application to withdraw must be approved by the Dean of the School of Nursing or his or her designate. Withdrawal applications may be obtained from the Office of the Associate Dean. The application must then be endorsed by the associate dean. Student identification cards are collected at the time of withdrawal.

A student is not given permission to withdraw later than two weeks before the beginning of the examination period in any semester except for providential reasons.

A student who withdraws from the University for reasons of ill health must obtain permission from the Department of Student Health; and subsequent medical clearance from the Department of Student Health is required for readmission.

Readmission After Voluntary Withdrawal   Readmission to the masterís program of the School of Nursing is not automatic. After absence of a semester or longer, a former student must apply for readmission to the School of Nursing. Application for readmission must be made to the associate dean, by December 1 for spring semester, or April 1 for fall semester. Readmission following a withdrawal or leave of absence is granted only if space is available.

Leaves of Absence   The associate dean may grant leaves of absence to students for a semester or a session upon written application which states the reason for temporarily leaving the University.

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