12: School of Graduate Nursing

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Post Master's Adult Health Program (CNS, Case Management)

The Post Masterís Adult Health Program is designed to enhance the abilities of masterís-prepared nurses to function in the new role of case manager in a variety of health care settings from acute care to rehabilitation. Course work and clinical experiences are individually designed to complement existing skills.

Required courses - 27 credits
GNUR 585Epidemiology and Population-based Assessment3
GNUR 702Family Health Promotion3
GNUR 707Introduction to Health Informatics2
GNUR 721Care Management in Community and Home Health3
GNUR 730Nursing Diagnosis in Chronic Care3
GNUR 731Nursing Therapeutics in Chronic Care3
GNUR 732Practicum in Chronic Care Management3
GNUR 733Clinical Leadership in Chronic Care Management3
GNUR 791Resource Management3

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