12: School of Graduate Nursing

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Post Master's Community Health Program

The Post Masterís Community and Home Health Nursing Program prepares nurses for advanced practice in promoting the health of families, groups and individuals. Emphasis is placed on the development of knowledge and expertise to assess the health status and health delivery systems of communities and to design nursing interventions to better manage care in complex settings. Courses provide the required knowledge and expertise needed to plan, implement, and evaluate care in community settings, including public health departments, schools, home health agencies, and community nursing clinics. Care management strategies to assure continuity of health service delivery for individuals and groups are emphasized.

Required courses - 18 credits
GNUR 585Epidemiology and Population-based Assessment3
GNUR 700Community Assessment3
GNUR 721Care Management in Community and Home Health3
GNUR 722Community and Home Health Care Systems3
GNUR 723Community and Home Health Practicum I3
GNUR 724Community and Home Health Practicum II3

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