12: School of Graduate Nursing

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Post Master's Psychiatric-Mental Health Program

The Post Masterís Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Program is offered for masterís-prepared nurses who wish to complete the requirements for psychiatric mental health certification. This program emphasizes the preparation of advanced practice nurses to provide care to adults with acute or chronic mental health psychiatric deviations in a variety of practice settings. Underserved populations and rural service delivery needs are highlighted throughout the program.

Required courses - 18 credits
GNUR 702Family Health Promotion3
GNUR 770Biological Basis of Mental Health/Mental Illness3
GNUR 771Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Seminar I3
GNUR 773Theoretical Foundations of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing3
GNUR 774Psychiatric-Mental Health Practicum3
GNUR 775Psychiatric-Mental Health Practicum II3

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