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Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program

Post Master's Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Program

The Post Masterís Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Program is designed to provide the masterís-prepared nurse with the necessary skills and knowledge to assume the role of a primary health care provider in various clinical facilities. The necessary nursing and medical skills include: psychosocial and physical assessment through health history and physical examination; identification, screening and triage of acute minor illness; nursing and medical management of commonly encountered acute, minor, and chronic illnesses in collaboration and consultation with a physician; knowledge of community needs and resources available for health promotion; health teaching, guidance, and counseling of clients and their families about illness and its prevention, and health promotion, maintenance, and management.

Other areas explored in the nurse practitioner program include the changing health care delivery system, the expanded role of the nurse, and nursing issues, particularly as they relate to nurse practitioner practice, reimbursement, and prescriptive authority. Offerings include family or pediatric nurse practitioner tracks.

An essential part of the nurse practitioner program is the 672-hour clinical preceptorship. This preceptorship is concurrent with the nurse practitioner seminar courses, and is arranged at a clinical site that reflects the focus of the Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Program. Due to the programís focus on rural, underserved populations, at least one of the three preceptorships takes place outside of Albemarle County.

The practitioner program is approved by the Joint Committee of the Boards of Nursing and Medicine in Virginia. Students who complete the program are eligible to apply for practitioner certification by this joint committee, and are also eligible to sit for national certification examinations.

Nurse Practitioner Program Completion Requirements   The student must: (1) satisfactorily complete the specific nurse practitioner program; (2) satisfactorily complete the clinical preceptorship; and (3) have a minimum grade average of B. Students who complete the nurse practitioner program are eligible for national certification exams

Required Courses - 29 Credits
GNUR 550Pharmacology 3
GNUR 551Advanced Health Assessment3
GNUR 566Primary Care Seminar I3
GNUR 567Primary Care Seminar II3
GNUR 568Primary Care Preceptorship I2
GNUR 569Primary Care Preceptorship II4
GNUR 570Primary Care Seminar III3
GNUR 571Primary Care Preceptorship III6
GNUR 572Collaborative Role Development/Multidisciplinary Practice I1
GNUR 573Collaborative Role Development/Multidisciplinary Practice II1

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