12: School of Graduate Nursing

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The School of Nursing is a community of scholars having as its central purpose the enrichment of the human mind. Within this community, the Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Program seeks to prepare scholars who will advance nursing knowledge. Scholarly achievement in nursing is accomplished in a spirit of free inquiry directed toward a better understanding of human existence, especially in relation to health and illness. The domains of nursing knowledge are emerging and still being defined. Nurse scholars must participate in the study of particular phenomena, and in the identification of central domains related to these phenomena. This requires that students be well informed about advanced practice in professional nursing.

Nursing knowledge is advanced through association with other disciplines, and is often enhanced by the work of other university scholars. Central to the education of nurse scholars is the opportunity to interact with other scholars throughout the university community. Through dialogue and study with these professionals, nurse scholars expand their understanding of health and illness, and the biological, environmental, sociocultural, ethical, legal, philosophic and historic factors influencing nursing care.

Scholars must be inquisitive, informed and committed. This requires expertise in the principles and methods of inquiry, and an informed imagination for exploring substantive areas in nursing. The ultimate goal of this inquiry is to enhance nursing’s contribution to the health of all persons.

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