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Payment of Fees

Fall and Spring Semester Registration   are completed by using the ISIS telephone system each semester. Instructions for registering are available in the Course Offering Directory. Upon completion of the registration process, an individual is classified as a registered student. Not attending classes does not alter the registration status or the assessment of tuition and fee charges. Once registered for a semester, a student may terminate registration only through official withdrawal from the University.

Payment and Late Payment   The final date for payment of student account bills for University charges is printed on the bill mailed to the student. The payment due date for the fall semester is August 19, and for the spring semester is usually in the first week of January. However, failure to receive a bill does not waive the requirement for payments when due. Any student who fails to make payment of the amount due by the specified payment due date will be assessed a late payment fee as follows:

Late Fee$50
Late Fee for TAs, RAs, and Veterans$10

Payment of tuition and fees by a check that is returned from a bank as non-negotiable causes the appropriate late payment fee to be assessed if the repayment is not received by the published payment deadlines and a $20 service charge is applied. Checks returned for non-sufficient funds or uncollected funds are immediately redeposited by our bank a second time. Postdated checks should not be submitted as the check date is not scrutinized and the check is immediately processed for payment regardless of the date of the check. Students are billed for late fees subsequent to registration.

The University does not accept credit card payments for tuition, fees, or University housing and dining charges.

Dropping Courses--Deadline for Financial Credit For students enrolled in variable charge graduate schools to receive full financial credit for dropped courses, the course must be dropped by the end of the sixth week of the school term, and the student must remain enrolled in at least one course at the University. For this purpose, the definition of the sixth school week corresponds to the definition set forth in the withdrawal refund schedule. This drop date is used only for determining financial credit and does not bear any correlation to the dates set forth by the schools for dropping courses without academic penalty.

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