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Withdrawal from the University

Tuition and Fees   In the event a student withdraws from the University, tuition and fees are charged on a percentage basis dependent upon the school week within which the withdrawal occurs. A school week is defined as the period beginning on Monday and ending on the succeeding Sunday with the first school week of a semester being defined as that week within which the University registration concludes. The effective date of withdrawal is determined by the dean of the school in which the student is enrolled and is recorded on the official withdrawal form which the student must complete as part of the withdrawal process. The schedule for allocation of tuition and fees between amounts charged and amounts credited is listed below. Note that this schedule is subject to change.


Any refunds due to the student because of withdrawal will first be offset against any other amounts owed to the University. Students receiving Title IV Federal Funds are subject to a federal refund schedule. Details are available in the bursar's office and the financial aid office.

Residence Hall Rent   No refund of residence hall rent shall be made in the event of withdrawal after the fifth class day of each semester. Upon vacating student housing facilities, a student must return the room key to the student accommodation office. The date the room key is returned to the student accommodation office is the effective termination date of the student housing contract.

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