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University Housing

The housing of students has been a prime consideration of the University since its founding. The University has two main goals in providing students with housing accommodations on the Grounds. The first is to furnish students with a variety of housing arrangements at reasonable cost. The second is to provide an environment in which each student may achieve the maximum realization of his or her potential intellectually, socially, and physically. It is expected that attributes such as self-discipline, concern for the rights of others, mental and social maturity, and respect for public and private property will be fostered in group residence situations.

The housing agreement serves as the studentís commitment to reside on Grounds for the session. The student is notified of the room assignment before the beginning of the session. Room rent is charged by the semester and is due and payable on or before the day of registration.

All rental charges are subject to change.

Correspondence   All correspondence regarding interest in University-owned accommodations should be addressed to Accommodations, Page House, Station 1, Charlottesville, VA 22904-0003; (804) 924-6873; Fax: (804) 924-3758; housing@virginia.edu.

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