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Housing Regulations

All rooms in University facilities are rented subject to the University Housing Terms and Conditions of Residence. This includes billing students for facility damages. When specific individual responsibility for damage cannot be determined, all charges will be divided equally among the residents of that unit.

Students may live in University accommodations on the Grounds, in fraternity or sorority houses, or in privately owned accommodations.

Students are strongly encouraged to obtain personal property insurance as the University is not responsible for damage to residentís property in University housing facilities.

Rental charges for University housing are listed below. All rental charges are subject to change. For information regarding rental rates for University-owned accommodations, contact (804) 924-6873.

Rental RatesPer Academic Year[1]
Single Students
Copeley III & IV
Double Room
Gooch/Dillard (Stadium)
Double Room
Single Room
The Range
Single Room
Hereford College
Double Room
Single Room
Family HousingPer Month
Copeley Hill
One Bedroom
Two Bedroom
Three Bedroom
University Gardens
One Bedroom
Two Bedroom

[1]Single student rates are for the 1998-99 academic year. Twelve-month contracts are calculated individually for single student accommodations. Family Housing rates listed are effective July 1, 1998, with furnished apartments costing an additional $26 per month.

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