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Meal Plan Changes

Meal programs are purchased for the academic year and are priced to take into consideration that some meals will be missed. For this reason, refunds will not be made for missed meals. Students may exercise a “semester option” by January 25, 1999, which permits a change or cancellation of the meal program for the second semester. Semester options to cancel may not be exercised by Residential College students, first-year students, or full GIA athletes.

Students may revise their meal plan choice twice during the year. All changes must be made by letter or by filling out an Intent to Change form at the Dining Services Administrative Office.

Changes for fall semester must be requested by September 7, 1998.

Spring change requests must be made by January 25, 1999. Spring semester changes are accepted between December 1, 1998 through the January 25 deadline. They are not reflected on the bursar’s bill until after final registration in January.

There is no fee for changing meal plans; however a $50 administrative fee is applied to all cancellations except for December graduation and Study Abroad students.

Meal plan contracts are annual contracts.

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