3: Financial Aid

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General Information

The University helps many graduate students with limited funds meet their college expenses through a variety of programs. The Office of Financial Aid to Students, under the direction of the Financial Aid Committee, administers only Federal loan and employment programs for graduate students. Student awards including Ford Federal Direct Loans or Federal Work-Study funds are based on a careful assessment of the applicantís ability to meet educational expenses. Students must apply directly to their academic departments or professional schools for other kinds of financial assistance.

Estimated Costs   The average costs for self-supporting graduate students at the University for academic year 1998-99 are estimated to be: Living Expenses (room, board, transportation, personal) - $10,260; Books and Supplies - $800; Tuition and Fees assessed by school (see chapter2).

How Need is Determined   Each graduate applicant for Ford Federal Direct Loan or Federal Work-Study funds is required to submit to the Federal Student Aid Programs Office a detailed financial statement. Because financial aid funds are limited, all assistance offered through the Office of Financial Aid is based on an estimate of financial need. Need is determined by comparing the student budget with student resources from savings, summer earnings, session earnings, or any combination thereof. If the resources are less than the sum needed to meet academic year expenses, the difference becomes the studentís financial need. Need will be met to the extent of available funds.

Student budgets listed in this chapter are based on approved allowances for tuition and fees, books, and living expenses for the academic year, with allowances for such factors as child care and medical expenses.

Money available to applicants from other sources, such as veterans benefits, gifts, scholarships, grants, assistantships, graderships or fellowships through outside organizations, or through the academic department in which the student is enrolled is considered a resource when the applicantís financial need is determined. If any such resources become available after an award offer has been made or received, it is the responsibility of the applicant to notify the Office of Financial Aid. Receiving such assistance may necessitate a reduction in the financial assistance awarded the applicant by the University so that no applicant will receive funds in excess of the demonstrated financial need.

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