3: Financial Aid

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Loan Disbursement Procedures

Loan Disbursement Procedures

Ford Federal Direct Loans  Ford Federal Direct Loans are payable in two disbursements, one-half of the total amount in each disbursement, less the fee charged to the borrower. Disbursements are credited to student accounts by the Office of the University Bursar once the Promissory Notes have been signed and returned to the Office of Financial Aid. The second disbursement is credited half-way through the loan period.

Failure to enroll in credits sufficient to permit crediting of loan funds to the studentís account results in cancellation of the loans within thirty days of the date of registration.

If applications for loans indicated full-time enrollment of the applicant, the loans were approved by the Office of Financial Aid accordingly. Therefore, the Office of the University Bursar will be unable to credit funds to the studentís account until the official University registration record lists the borrower as enrolled full-time in a minimum of 9 course credits or 12 non-topical research credits per semester. Loans for students enrolled half-time require that borrowers be enrolled in a minimum of six course credits or six non-topical research credits.

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