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Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

It is the responsibility of the individual to bring to the Universityís attention the need for academic accommodation due to a qualifying disability. Requests for reasonable variation in degree requirements to accommodate a studentís disability should be submitted in writing at the earliest possible time to the studentís dean, who reviews all requests for such variation. If the studentís disability precludes attainment of licensure or certification in the desired degree program, that information will be so noted in replying to the request.

Requests should be supported by appropriate documentation of the relevant disability filed with the Learning Needs and Evaluation Center. Personnel at the center are available to counsel students in preparing their requests for academic accommodations and to help them get other necessary support services. Deaf and hearing-impaired students may dial (804) 243-5189 to receive telecommunications accessibility.

Students who have disabilities that may interfere with their performance in a course or require special and reasonable accommodation in the conduct of the course are encouraged to inform the instructor of that fact at the beginning of the course. Any questions concerning the propriety of particular accommodations should be referred to the studentís deanís office and/or the Assistant Director of the Learning Needs and Evaluation Center, (804) 243-5180 or (804) 243-5189.

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