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In November 1993, the student body reaffirmed a 1980 referendum to retain randomly selected students to serve as jurors in honor trials. At some point students may be called upon to serve as a juror, to help judge the guilt or innocence of an accused student. It is the right of the accused to be judged by a panel of peers. To ensure that the trial process remains as equitable and expedient as possible, students are obligated to respond to the jury notification letters forwarded by the Honor Committee. Once secured as a juror, students are expected to appear on the designated trial date. Failure to meet these obligations will be considered a breach of the University Standards of Conduct. These cases will be subject to an appropriate sanction as determined by the Honor and Judiciary Committees.

In March of 1997, the student body approved a change to the manner in which jury members vote at trial. Instead of taking one vote on the criteria of act, intent, and seriousness, jurors now take two votes, one on the factual matters of act and intent, and a separate vote on the more subjective seriousness standard. This second vote only occurs if the jury finds, by a four/fifths vote, that act and intent exist. A majority vote on seriousness is required to find the accused student guilty.

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