5: Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

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General Information

Although Thomas Jefferson’s original plan for the University contemplated graduate instruction, the first such department in the modern sense was not instituted until 1859-60 by Professor Basil Gildersleeve in the School of Greek. Shortly after the Civil War, a similar department was announced for the School of Latin. The degree of Doctor of Philosophy was offered initially by the University as early as 1880 and was first awarded in 1885. No formal departmental organization for graduate study existed, however, until 1904. In that year the Graduate School was established under regulations corresponding to the requirements of the Association of American Universities, in which the University of Virginia was the first southern university to hold membership.

The administrative offices of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences are as follows: Admissions Office, 437 Cabell Hall (804-924-7184); Enrolled Student Office, 438 Cabell Hall (804-924-7183); and Dean's Office, 419 Cabell Hall (804-924-3389). The mailing address is University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 22903.

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