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State and Regional Scholarships and Fellowships

The John B. Adger Scholarships (three to five scholarships or fellowships with a stipend of approximately $500 each) were created under the will of the late Jennie W. Adger in memory of her husband, John B. Adger, M.A. (Virginia, 1880), and are awarded to male students, with preference to those from South Carolina or Virginia, who are taking courses leading to the degree of B.A. or M.A. The awards are made by the Alumni Board of Trustees of the University of Virginia Endowment Fund either to entering students or to students already in the University, and may be renewed from year to year if the holders’ records so justify. Half the award is paid to the recipients at the beginning of the first semester and the balance at the beginning of the second semester. Application should be made to the Vice President for Student Affairs.

The Bayly-Tiffany Scholarships were established in 1930 by a bequest of Mrs. Evelyn May Bayly Tiffany as a memorial to Thomas Henry Bayly and Louis McLane Tiffany. Preference is given to students from Northampton and Accomack counties, Virginia, but if qualified applicants are not available from these counties, awards are available to students from other portions of Virginia or from Maryland. Stipends vary according to need. Application should be made to the Office of Financial Aid.

The John Y. Mason Fellowship was founded in 1892 upon the gift of Col. Archer Anderson (Virginia, 1858), of Richmond. The holder must have been born in Virginia and must be a competent and deserving student in need of financial aid.

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