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Master's Degrees in the Summer Session

Any one of the masterís degrees described in the preceding pages may be obtained by properly qualified persons in four full summer sessions of residence, the equivalent in time of the regular session. Except by special permission of the dean and the committee concerned, not more than two graduate courses may be taken in each summer session and credited toward the 24 credits of graduate courses required for the masterís degree.

Admission and Registration   In order to receive graduate credit for any courses taken in the summer session, all graduate students must conform to the same formalities for admission and registration as stated above for the regular session. After these formalities have been completed, the student must also register promptly at the summer session office.

Graduate students must register in person, but applications for admission, accompanied by official transcripts, should be mailed in advance to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Application for a Degree   The requirements stated above for regular session students apply also to students in the summer session, with the exception that all students must submit their applications for the masterís degree to the Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences not later than July 1.

Requirements   The requirements stated above for regular session students also apply to students in the summer session. The candidate for the M.A. or M.S. degree must submit the thesis by August 1 to the Graduate School Office, in accord with the regulations stated in the section entitled Thesis

All requirements must be met for graduate degrees in the summer session and a final report made to the Graduate School from the department at least a week prior to the date for the awarding of degrees. Graduate students in the summer session must complete all requirements for their masterís degrees within seven summers, or seven calendar years when a part of the work is taken in the regular academic year.

The regulations concerning grades and acceptance of degrees are the same as for recipients of the masterís degree in the regular session.

Under the course listings of the departments will be found statements of any special requirements for the degree of Master of Arts or Master of Science.

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