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Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience
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Course Descriptions

NESC 701 - (3) (Y)
Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor
Introduction to cellular, molecular, and developmental neuroscience for graduate students in neuroscience and related disciplines. Topics include the cellular and molecular biology of neurons and glia, intercellular signaling in the nervous system, and neuronal development and plasticity. Lectures provide an overview of the principles of cellular, molecular, and developmental neuroscience, which are supplemented by directed readings of primary literature.

NESC 706 - (5) (Y)
Fundamentals of Neuroscience

Provides a comprehensive and integrated understanding of the structure and function of the central nervous system. The lectures stress the structural and functional interrelationships of the various regions of the brain and spinal cord, and the cellular, molecular, and developmental biology of the nervous system. Laboratory sessions include brain dissections and examination of microscopic material.

NESC 710 (3) (Y)
Sensory Neurobiology

In-depth examination of the organization and physiology of the diverse sensory systems found in invertebrate and non-vertebrate animals. Emphasizes the functional rationale for receptor organization and the manner in which the central nervous system processes incoming sensory information. Visual, auditory, somatosensory, and electrosensory information processing, primarily in vertebrates, are stressed. Cross-listed as BIOL 540.

NESC 720 - (3) (Y)
Integrated Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience

Study of topics in systems neuroscience including sensory plasticity, learning, aging and cerebral deficits.

NESC 727 - (3) (IR)
Chemistry of Synaptic Transmission

Prerequisite: PSYC 420
Neurochemistry, physiology and anatomy of neurotransmitter systems. Cross-listed as PSYC 527.

NESC 731 - (2) (Y)
Overview of Neuroanatomy

Introduction to the structural organization of the central nervous system including lecture and laboratory presentations.

NESC 801, 802 - (2) (S)
Seminar in Neuroscience

Prerequisite: Permission of Program Director
Topics of current interest in neuroscience are presented and discussed by both the program faculty and visiting neuroscientists from other institutions.

NESC 808 - (1) (Y)
Neuroscience Graduate Student Seminar Series

Students give forty-five minute presentations to their peers each week. Provides a chance for practice and improvement in giving lectures and an opportunity to receive advice from fellow trainees and attending faculty. Gives all members of the program updates on the progress and scientific interests of the students.

NESC 815, 816, 817, 818 - (2) (S)
Introduction to Research

Prerequisite: Permission of Program Director
Laboratory experience acquaints the student with applied theory and current techniques in addressing research problems in neuroscience.

NESC 820 - (1) (Y)
Special Topics in Neuroscience

An overview of current topics in the neurosciences, presented by members of the neuroscience graduate program.

NESC 850, 851 - (1-3) (Y)
Directed Readings in Neuroscience

Prerequisites: NESC 706, 707, and 708 or permission of Program Director
Readings in specific areas of neuroscience under the direction of a faculty member of the program.

NESC 862 - (2) (Y)
Central Synaptic Mechanisms

Guided reading and discussion course hosted by faculty of the Department of Neuroscience in conjunction with faculty from other departments, and focusing on the most current research issues.

NESC 901, 902 - (2) (Y)
Seminar in Neurobiological and Behavioral Development

Study of development from a broad ranging perspective, focusing on the neural mechanisms of behavioral development.

NESC 997 - (3-12) (S)
Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research

For doctoral research, taken before a dissertation director has been selected.

NESC 999 - (3-12) (S)
Non-Topical Research

For doctoral research, under the supervision of a dissertation director.

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