6: Graduate School of Architecture

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Financial Aid Sources

The following are some of the available sources of financial aid within the School of Architecture:
Governor Fellowships;
IEN Graduate Assistantships;
Graduate Student Assistantships;
Graduate Teaching Assistantships;
Minority Graduate Assistantships;
Work-Study Funds;
Special Student Aid;
Tuition Adjustments;
Tuition Remission;
Thomas Jefferson Fellowships;
Arts and Sciences Graduate Fellowships;
Peter Armisted III Scholarship for Preservation Studies.

Endowed Scholarships and Fellowships:
Anonymous Architecture Scholarship;
The Bevin and Vito Cetta Endowed Fellowship;
Janet Carlson Duchen Scholarship;
William D. Darden Memorial Scholarship;
DuPont Fellowship for Graduate Studies;
The Bessie F. and Ernest L. Gilliland Endowed Scholarship;
The Joseph W. Gold Memorial Scholarship;
The Ella R and Milton Grigg Endowed Scholarship;
Jefferson C. and Catherine F. Grinnalds Scholarship;
The Frederic Lord Holloway Endowed Scholarship;
Kyle Frances Kauffman Honorary Scholarship;
Peter R. Kutscha Endowed Memorial Scholarship;
James E. Pate Memorial Scholarship;
Dana H. Rowe Memorial Scholarship;
Lambert Woods Architects Scholarship.

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