7: Darden Graduate School of Business Administration

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The Darden School   The Darden Graduate School of Business Administration is located on the North Grounds, about a mile from the central University Grounds, as part of a graduate-professional complex that also includes the Law School and the Judge Advocate Generalís School. The new Darden Grounds, dedicated on April 13, 1996, include Saunders Hall, the Camp Library and student services building, twin office and classroom buildings, and a gatehouse and bedroom wing for Executive Education. Sponsors Hall, adjacent to the Darden Grounds and completed in 1984, complements the Schoolís executive education facilities which now offer 120 private bedrooms, classrooms, meeting rooms, dining facilities, and fitness and recreation rooms.

Computer Facilities   The Darden School has an integrated computing environment supporting over 250 microcomputers. The School houses 56 microcomputers, 12 laser printers, and 450 network ports for use by students and executive education participants. There are microcomputers in each classroom connected to large screen projectors. All the Schoolís microcomputers are connected to Dardenís Local Area Network, the Universityís network, and the Internet. In addition to Darden software and data, the network supports access to the Universityís computing resources, including several UNIX machines. The School provides interactive access to several major data bases and information services, such as Dow Jones News/Retrieval, NEXIS, Bloomberg, and Compu-stat. Students can dial-in and remotely access electronic mail and class related data. The Schoolís Web-based information systems include career services, course pre-registration, and a community calendar.

Since the use of microcomputers is integrated into the curriculum, all students are exposed to a variety of microcomputer applications. First-year students are exposed to spreadsheet, word processing, data analysis, and presentation graphics software. Use of computers in both the first and second years is designed to provide an understanding of the role of computing in information gathering and decision-making contexts.

Library   The Camp Library of the Darden School is a working library designed primarily to provide vital support to students in course work. There is also a current collection of materials on business and the social sciences.

This library contains basic reference works, a broad selection of business and public affairs periodicals, important government documents and statistics, selected corporate records, and widely used serial services.

The library staff is headed by a professional librarian who is a member of the Darden faculty. The librarian and staff are available full time for major reference problems and to assist both students and faculty in the most effective use of library facilities, including all University libraries.

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