7: Darden Graduate School of Business Administration

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The Darden School Foundation

The supportive relationship between the School and the Darden School Foundation began with the initiative of those southern business leaders who, under the leadership of former University President Colgate W. Darden, Jr., secured the initial endowment funds necessary to found the School in the early 1950s.

Today the role of the foundation continues as a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation, which manages current endowment funds to the exclusive benefit of the Darden School, underwrites the Schoolís prominent Executive Education programs, and promotes the continued support of the School by alumni, friends, and corporations. An elected Board of Trustees, many of them Darden alumni, manages the foundationís affairs and gives freely of its time and advice, providing an important link between the academic and business communities.

Funds provided annually to the School contribute to all phases of life at Darden. In the past several years, these funds covered approximately one-third of the Schoolís operating budget. In addition to operating support, the foundation also capitalizes and manages the Darden Student Loan Fund, which has offered educational loans at preferred rates and terms to over 50 percent of each M.B.A. class.

A visible tribute to the support and loyalty of the foundation is represented by Sponsors Hall, a modern facility adjacent to the Darden School that is used primarily to accommodate the many corporate participants in the Schoolís wide-ranging Executive Education Programs.

The Darden Schoolís rapid rise to prominence both on the strength of its M.B.A. and Executive Education programs is in a large part due to the initial and continuing generosity of the many alumni, friends, and corporations who comprise the Darden School Foundation membership.

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